Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas Morning: A Christmas to Remember

Christmas morning we celebrated with my aunt and uncle and their family. Someone's alarm went off at 7:00am waking Daniel who cheerfully woke the rest of the house.

My guys opening their stockings. Tommy got jerky and a hanky and Daniel got sippy cups and tub tints. And me? Well let's not go there. My gifts were too big for my stocking... yeah, that's it.

Putting gifts to good use: Reeses trees = protein. Right?

Doesn't Steve look so excited?!?

Melinda & Joshua

Tommy was really excited to show Nathan what he made for him. Let's take a closer look shall we?

It all happened so quick.

Perhaps the Zombie Invasion Kit should have come with a first aid kit? Fortunately Tommy married into a family of medical professionals. After several phone calls to my Uncle David we were told to avoid the ER and wait until he brought the stapler over.

Everyone was pretty excited about it (Tommy's knee, yes, but mostly the ZIK). And I must say it was pretty awesome. I'll put up some better pictures of it in another post (the ZIK and maybe his knee too).

Melinda and Steve have now learned that you can fit at least 9 people in their hall bathroom. And Tommy learned that just as one always treats a gun as though it were loaded, one must always consider a knife as sharp, even if it has a plastic handle.
Sadly, David didn't have the stapler, so he just glued Tommy's leg hair (and cut) together. But not before scrubbing the wound. Prior to which most people would have had an anesthetic.

All in all we had an enjoyable if not eventful Christmas morning and even made it to our next destination on time!

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