Friday, December 31, 2010

Christmas: Part 3

So I didn't get many pictures from Christmas with Tommy's parents. 5 children + my ineptitude with the camera = notalotta. The boys had fun opening presents, and we had fun giving our gifts.

Earlier in the week Christina and I took all 4 boys and had pictures taken to give her mom for Christmas. They came out great! Unfortunately they aren't ready for pick up until January 6.
Here Isaiah is still wearing his red shirt from the shoot.

Tommy's mom made a tee-pee for our house and one for his sister's.

Isaiah wasn't particularly excited about all the hoopla, but enjoyed himself still.

It took quite a while to put everything in its right place once we got home. We decided on a few toys to pass along to others so we could make room for the new ones. And I think our returns are pretty much finished!

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