Sunday, December 5, 2010

New Camera

My dad and mom bought me a new camera on Black Friday. A nice camera. A very nice camera. One that I'm not entirely sure how to use yet. Or how to re-format those RAW images to something I can use... But here's a peek into what we're up to:

Here's our newly refinished table. We bought this from Craigslist for $75 and it was an ugly generic pine color. After a little more work than we anticipated, we were finally able to bring it in the house, and we LOVE it.

Doesn't the camera take amazing pictures? Okay, maybe you can't really tell here, but it does.

You can do fancy stuff like make the background blurry.

I love the way the lights look in the background.

I hosted a party for my Metochai table on Thursday and was able to use the Spode dishes my mom passed on to me. They are so pretty even leftover cake looks yummy on them.

Tommy had to try jumping to see if I could get a shot of him mid air.

I can finally get shots of this guy that aren't blurry or of the back of his head.

I could stare at our tree all night. I love all the ornaments and the memories that come with them. We found a train at Goodwill to go under it for $5 (but we only paid $1.67 because I had some store credit.) And I absolutely love that I have the tree shirt my grandmom made for my parents.

I have alot more learning to do about all the settings. I feel like I should make flashcards or something! BTW- it's a Canon Rebel for those curious.

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