Saturday, December 31, 2011

Adana Part 2: Where Tommy and I get Touristy

Dogs all over Adana

This ruin was off the coast of the Mediterranean on the side of the highway outside of Mercin. Ruins are so plentiful that many of them aren't really a big deal. In America we'd charge $30 to see each one and sell tshirts and postcards outside as well.   

That's the Mediterranean Sea in the background

Heaven and Hell

Overlooking Heaven

Hell. Its hard to get a feel for the size of this sinkhole. Wikipedia puts it at 420 feet deep.

Not that the railing would have helped, but I held on tight!

Rickety little platform that jets out over the sinkhole.

On his way to Heaven, some 300 steps go down to the bottom. He made it further than I did, but neither one of us got to the bottom. I knew for each crooked step I took down, I'd have to take back up.

Overlooking Lake Adana, on a clearer day you could see the mountains in the background

The Roman bridge still standing in Adana. We thought it was really interesting how each arch was shaped a little differently.

That's the big fancy mosque in the background, some say it's nicer than Sultanahmet. 

Tommy stood out in his green jacket, he was always easy to find. Everyone else had on black or gray.

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