Saturday, December 31, 2011

Tarsus: Where we Take the Scenic Route

We took a day trip to Tarsus and a few things in the area with our friends and their three youngest kids. First we went to see this canyon which for the life of me I can't find anywhere online. No clue what it's called or really even how to find it on a map.
Katie and I with Raymond and Robert

Wish I had some sort of stats to give you, but it was pretty awesome.

The guys took turns throwing rocks off the bridge into the water below.

We drove for a while on roads like this. No signs, no directions. 

After a while we stopped and asked a man with his donkey where this road would take us.
He said we would be "Doomed" if we continued.

And then we turned around.

Tarsus Waterfalls. Not quite Yosemite, but pretty.

St. Paul's Well. Because if there is an old well in Tarsus, Paul must have used it right?

Cleopatra's Arch, where she met Mark Antony, as seen from the car.

After some more driving on more improved roads we found another exciting site. Again, no signs (seriously I saw one sign off the highway), no directions, no one selling tshirts and mugs and charging $30 to enter. There wasn't even another person around aside from the shepherd keeping these sheep.

A Roman Road, probably 2000 years old.

Paul probably walked here.

We didn't walk too far, as it was getting dark and chilly.

Pretty amazing, the Romans really knew what they were doing.

Soon to come- Van: Katie's Home in Rubble

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