Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Istanbul Part 1

Tommy and I flew into Istanbul on a Saturday evening and flew out the following Monday morning. So Sunday was our one and only day to see the sights. Fortunately several of the big sights are all within walking distance of one another so we were able to take the tram to one area Sunday morning and back to the home we were staying in that evening.
Blue Mosque/Sultan Ahmed Mosque
First we saw the Blue Mosque. While we were in the courtyard a man approached us asking if we were newly-weds (because we were so happy!) He offered to be our tour guide (more like told us) if we would visit his cousin's carpet shop after we saw the mosque. I was so busy trying to listen and look that I didn't really do either well. After the mosque he walked with us to the carpet shop where I insisted we really didn't have time as we only had one day in Istanbul. It was kind of an awkward situation, but I figured they were probably used to it.
The courtyard of Blue Mosque 
Inside Blue Mosque

Ornate detailing of Blue Mosque

Fresh squeezed pomegranate juice
 There were all sorts of street vendors, and about as many cats and dogs.

Cats and Dogs everywhere in the streets

The Basilica Cistern, 532AD
 The cisterns were pretty interesting, I'm not quite sure what the story behind them is though. We didn't have time to read pamphlets or take audio tours, maybe next time!

Medusa head pillar
 All but two of the pillars were plain, this one and another with an upside down Medusa head were the only ones so elaborate.
It's dark underground!
Tommy with Zeus at the Archaeological Museum
 We were at the Archaeological Museum when the jet lag started to overcome us. I could have laid down on the stone floor and fell asleep but I pushed through!

Ancient Jewelry
 Bookoos of old stuff covered floors and floors of the museum. We didn't even see it all.
Old Religious Artifacts

He is the Good Shepherd

Cats inside Museums
 There were seriously cats and dogs all over. The dogs all had tags in the ears, they had been captured and re-released.
 The actual Grand Bazaar wasn't open on Sunday, but there were still tons of other shops to visit. So much to buy and such little time!
Bazaar at Night
 As you can see it was a pretty dreary day, but thankfully there was no rain!
Stay tuned to the next post with pictures of Hagia Sophia.

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  1. Great pictures! I look forward to the rest of your posts. So glad you were able to take this trip!



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